An Inspirational Interview with Inger Nordin

In a world where dreams have the power to shape realities, we often find ourselves inspired by the audacious spirits of those who dared to challenge conventions and create their destinies. Among these fearless pioneers, there exists a tribe of unstoppable women entrepreneurs who have shattered glass ceilings and carved paths for others to follow. Today, we have the privilege of sitting down with one such remarkable woman whose journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, an interview intended to ignite sparks of inspiration in the hearts of aspiring female entrepreneurs across the globe. Meet Inger Nordin, the visionary leader who dared, at the age of 65, to ‘start over’.

1. Tell us something about your career (WHO)! What is your “WHY”?

After retiring I felt like I was in a vacuum, and something was missing. I went from a dynamic corporate life managing others to not having a purpose and not feeling valued. I missed being a part of something and felt I had so much more to offer.

It wasn’t until I was focusing more deeply on my own personal development path in 2017 that I realized my innate ability to coach and support others. As I was helping others get on track, they kept telling me how inspiring I was and that I had a duty to step up and share my gift.

People just kept coming for support and as I helped them get on track and coached them, I realized this was my path. It was rewarding. With that in mind, I started IN Life Amplification (amplify your life) in 2021 with my focus on bringing life and business coaching together, you can’t raise one without addressing the other they go hand in hand.

I make a difference in people’s lives for the better. With over 35 years’ experience from big international corporations in management positions, I cultivated my leadership to uplift others and bring out the best in them. Being goal-oriented and result-oriented, it helps me keep my clients on track and help them work through any obstacles holding them back.

Working in the corporate world, I’ve seen so many women compromise their femininity and personal life. So I’ve made it my mission to help mid-life women step into their power – financially, personally, and professionally – without compromising their femininity.

I do this through workshops, online trainings, masterminds, and one-one coaching.

“It’s never too late to start over – I did it when I was 65 – what’s your excuse?”
Inger Nording
Life & Business Coach

2. What are the last trends in your industry and how do you position yourself in these trends?

I’m seeing more and more of spirituality awakening in people connecting to me. There is moreover a trend towards wellbeing – be it physical or emotional. People are looking for building strong true connections – really been seen and understood.

I firmly believe that your mind, body, and soul are all interconnected! As I wrote about in my book The POWER of YOU2 – Create a POWER PATH of Success (Personally & Professionally) and illustrated in the below picture.

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